Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photography II

Photography II is fun because it consists of returning students from my Photography 1 class. They have gotten the basics of photography using film cameras and are now ready to move into using digital cameras and photo editing software.
We began with a review of shutter speed, aperture, and the manual settings on the camera. The students are not allowed to use the canned settings that are on their Nikon SLR. They have to shoot every photograph using only manual settings which also includes manual focus. Students had to take notes on digital photography  vocabulary, digital settings, and the importance of the Rule of Thirds.
Our Photography II students are getting ready for the Photography Exhibition for the Alabama National Fair. Their assignment is to take pictures that can fit in the three categories offered in the student division. The categories are People, Pictorial, and Unclassified.
Students are also learning how to use Photoshop to edit their photographs. So far, we have touched on file saving, key commands, color correction, straightening, hue/saturation, vintage effects, lens correction, and lens blur.
Below are photographs taken by Photography II students.

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