Monday, October 15, 2012

"Howli-day" Card Awards Ceremony

Saint James had a great turn out at the "Howli-day" Card Awards ceremony Saturday at the Walk 'N Wag at Shakespeare Theater. Our six students found out that morning what place and prize they won. The following are the names of Elementary and Middle School students, plus what they won. Congratulations!!! What an honor to have SIX STJ students win and represent our school!

Elementary School
Bailey Anderson- Second Place
Terry Pickett- Third Place- was not able to attend ceremony
Virginia Braswell- Honorable Mention

Middle School
Kylie Eng- Grand Prize- Drawing will appear on their holiday cards
Sydney Brashears- Second Place
Lizzy Headley-Honorable Mention

STJ Robotics Team: T-Shirt Designs

The Saint James Robotics Team asked the Graphic Design class to design their t-shirt this year. Our class came up with six great designs for them to choose from. The Robotics Team gets judged on many different events and t-shirt design is one of them. This year their Robot finished 2nd in the seeding round and made it through to semifinals and finals.
It was awarded 3rd place for Most Robust Robot.
The Engineering Notebook placed 2nd--a huge project!
The Webpage design took 2nd place!
The CAD design notebook took 2nd place!
The T-Shirt Design won 1st place!
Below you will see the winning t-shirt design, plus the other five designs:

This design was chosen to be the Robotics Team T-Shirt. Design By: Kaitlyn Theriot 

Two Members of the Robotics Team wearing the t-shirt with the First Place Plaque!

Below are the 5 designs that were not chosen, but were great designs! Way to Go!

Design by: Carlee Naftel

Design by: PJ Robin

Design by: Deanna Bruner

Design by: Seunghyeon (Daniel) Lim

Design By: Nemoi Ganani

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Middle School- Alabama National Fair Winners

I am so proud and excited to announce the winners for the Alabama National Fair Middle School Art Exhibit! My students have worked so hard and their talent amazes me everyday! Great Job...Well Done! :) Below are photographs of the artwork hanging at the fair, please excuse the lighting and angles:


Emily Kent- 1st Place
Mackenzie Montiel- 3rd Place

Katie Creamer- Honorable Mention


Kendall McCann- 2nd Place

Color Drawing:

Sydney Bassett- 2nd Place


Sarah Claire Loeb- 3rd Place


Photography II-Alabama National Fair Winners

Photography II students began the year preparing for the Alabama National Fair Photography Exhibition. Photographing for the following categories: People, Pictorial, and Unclassified. I am so proud and excited to announce our winners for this year! Below are the winners:


Shelby Smith- 3rd Place 

Reed O'Mara- Honorable Mention
Katie Bonner- Honorable Mention


Ashley Dunahoo- 2nd Place
Ashley Dunahoo- Honorable Mention
Caroline Crisp- 3rd Place


Alex McCain- *Best of Show* and 1st Place
Ashley Dunahoo- Honorable Mention


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Howli-day" Winners

Congratulations to our winners!
The following students have won an award in the Howl-iday Card Contest! Their names appear in no particular order. They will announce which prize they have won at the annual Walk ‘N Wag on October 13th on the grounds of the Blount Cultural Park at the Shakespeare Theater (could be Grand Prize, 1st ,2nd , 3rd or honorable mention).

The winners family will receive free entrance to the event, and need to be at the park no later than 9:30 a.m. on Saturday October 13th when they announce the winning artists and which prize they won! If they cannot attend, I will deliver their prize to them at school. Below are the winning drawings:

Kylie Eng, 6th grade

Sydney Brashears, 7th grade

Lizzy Headley, 6th grade

Monday, September 3, 2012

Art 8- Ceramic Line Designs

Art 8 began the year with a review of The Element of Art: Line. Students were to create 3 line designs in their Paper53 sketchbook on their iPads. After critique, students were to re-create their designs on ceramic using a black ceramic pen. This was a difficult medium to work with, but the students used their problem-solving skills to create a beautiful piece of artwork. Below is showing student work in the iPad, print, and ceramic piece.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Graphic Design- Line

Graphic Design students took notes on The Element of Art: Line

Line: is a path on a two-dimensional plane. Using line is the simplest way to communicate visually. Lines can be used to create pattern, texture, or shadow.

Project 2: Line, pattern, texture, and shades

Graphic Design students are to create an 11x17 abstract poster using line, pattern, texture, and shades of color in Illustrator. They are to research a quote that has meaning to them that will be added after the background pattern is drawn. Below is an example of their project:

Graphic Design- Type Dominant/ Image Dominant

Graphic Design Students have completed Project 1:Type Dominant/ Image Dominant
  • Design a 5”x 5” compositions illustrating an object and the name of the object.
  • Select your subject matter (keep it simple)
  • Draw at least 20 square thumbnail examples to begin. 10 type dominant and 10 image dominant.
  • After you have explored your thumbnails, begin to produce your images on the computer.
  • Compose 6 variations of the type dominant and image dominant compositions. 
  • Choose 3, one of each, type dominant and image dominant, and one more of your choice. Then mount them on 16” x 20” black board.
Below are photographs of the students matted Type Dominant/ Image Dominant designs;

Art 7-"Howli-day" Card Design

The 7th grade students are working on the Montgomery Humane Society’s “Howli-day” card. Students are creating 5 sketches in their Paper53 sketch books on their iPads.  I will hand deliver their masterpieces to the Montgomery Humane Society. Below are students working hard on their ideas from their iPads: 

Art 6- "Howli-day" Card Design

The 6th grade students are working on the Montgomery Humane Society’s “Howli-day” card. Students are creating 5 sketches in their Paper53 sketch books on their iPads.  I will hand deliver their masterpieces to the Montgomery Humane Society. Below are students working hard on their ideas from their iPads:

Art 6- Line Design

It is the first time for the sixth graders to enter the Art Department in the Saint James Middle School. It is exciting! We begin the year with The Elements of Art (line, value, texture, shape, form, space, and color). The students take notes before every project. Their notes last were on the element of Line.
We discussed:
A line is a path that a point takes through space. Lines can be thick, thin, dotted or solid. They can make straight movements, zig-zags, waves or curls.
    • Lines can convey emotion as well. They may show excitement, anger, calmness, tension, happiness and many other feelings, because of this, some are said to be expressive.
    • Other lines that are very measured, geometric, directional and angular are called Constructive lines. They tend to appear to be man-made because of their precision. 
In tPaper53 on their iPads they had to come up with 5 sketches of a line design using a variety of lines such as, thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zig-zag, curvy, dotted, dashed, and curly. After they completed their sketches we discussed them and one was chosen for their final which was completed on a 9×12 sheet of drawing paper using pencil and sharpie marker.
Below are pictures of sixth grade students working on their line designs from their iPads: