Thursday, February 9, 2012

Art 8- Pinhole Photography

Art 8 is a fun class! Most of my students have NEVER used a film camera or a dark room and I get to be the person to introduce it to them! That is what I love about teaching.
This course takes the student through the history of photography, camera handling, camera functions, developing film, developing pictures, how to use a dark room, how to use an enlarger, etc…
We began by taking notes, learning vocabulary, and the history of photography. We turned my classroom into a “Camera Obscura”, so that when the students created their own pinhole camera they would understand what was happening inside of their own camera. Students were given a box to create their pinhole camera. Students had to make their camera light tight by painting their box with a flat black paint so that light would not refract when it entered the box. Then students had to make an aperture using a piece of aluminum can and a needle. Students then used black duck tape on the outside to make sure light would not leak into their box and used the duck tape to make a shutter to cover their aperture.
I demonstrated how to make a pinhole camera, how to fill it with photographic paper in the darkroom, how to take a picture, how to develop using photographic chemicals, how to dry and store their negative.
Students are in the process now of taking pictures using their pinhole cameras. Students have to log every picture they take onto a pinhole camera log in sheet. This allows them to track location, weather conditions, time shutter was open, and if their negative was under/over exposed or perfect. Students will take 20 negatives and then pick the four best negatives to convert into positives.
Photographs are showing a students negative, log-in sheet, and notes. Also, shown is a student taking pictures with their pinhole camera.

Art 7- Ceramic Pottery

Art 7 took notes on ceramic pottery and ceramic terms.
  1. Applique- the application of a clay shape or form scored to the surface.
  2. Bisque- unglazed clay, fired as a low temperature. 
  3. Coil Construction- Ropes of clay scored and stacked to form a wall. This is the most common hand-building method.
  4. Glaze- A glassy coating that has been melted onto a ceramic surface.
  5. Greenware- unfired pottery that is bone-dry, a state in which your pottery is the most fragile.
  6. Sgraffito- Caving a design on the body of the clay with a tool. (texture/patterns)
  7. Scored- Using a sharp tool to scratch the clay before it is attached to another piece of clay. Making XXX's and //////'s.
Students discussed various types of ceramic pottery, such as African-American ceramic Vases, Mexican-Indian Handmade pottery, etc...

Students learned how to extrude clay and clay slabs. Below are students working on their pieces...

Art 6- Printmaking

Art 6 is working on their prints for:

Blick's 2012 Linoleum Block Print Contest!

The contest is offered in three grade divisions: 4–6, 7–9, and 10–12.

        Deadline: March 15, 2012
  1.  Entries will be accepted in any size, matted or unmatted, in any color or colors of ink.
  2. Contest will be judged by an impartial jury of professional artists. Decisions of the judges will be final.
  3. Each entry should be submitted with the entry form or a duplicate taped to the back of the print. (Please, no paper clips.)
  5. Winners will be notified by mail before April 30, 2012.
  6. All prints will become the property of Blick upon receipt and will not be returned. (Suggestion: Have students pull at least two prints of equally good quality — one for us, one for you!)
A total of 15 students will win art supplies for their schools and handsome walnut mounted plaques for themselves when their prints are chosen from thousands of entries.

1st Prize:   $400
2nd Prize:   $250
3rd Prize:   $150
  $50 each

    Middle School- Scholastic Region-at-Large Winners

    Congratulations to the following middle school visual art students for winning in the Scholastic Regional Art Competition

    Scholastic Region-at-Large M.S. Visual Art Winners

    Emily Kent- Gold Key- Mixed Media
    Emily Kent- Honorable Mention-Drawing
    Kendall McCann- Silver Key- Drawing
    Kendall McCann- Honorable Mention-Painting
    Gabrielle Pohlman- Silver Key- Painting

    Emily Kent- Gold Key

    Emily Kent- Honorable Mention

    Kendall McCann- Honorable Mention

    Kendall McCann- Silver Key

    Gabrielle Pohlman- Silver Key

    High School- Scholastic Region-at-Large Winners


    Scholastic Region-at-Large H.S. Photography Winners

    Reed O'Mara- Silver Key- Photography
    Reed O'Mara- Honorable Mention- Photography
    Hayley Bell- 3 Honorable Mentions- Photography
    Carlee Naftel- 2 Honorable Mentions- Photography
    Elizabeth Kean- Honorable Mention- Photography
    Amy Smith- Honorable Mention- Photography

    Reed O'Mara- Silver Key

    Reed O'Mara- Honorable Mention

    Hayley Bell- Honorable Mention

    Hayley Bell- Honorable Mention

    Hayley Bell- Honorable Mention

    Carlee Naftel-  Honorable Mention

    Carlee Naftel-  Honorable Mention

    Elizabeth Kean- Honorable Mention

    Amy Smith - Honorable Mention