Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art 6- Primary Paper Marbling

Art 6 students are getting messy with primary colors! Students are learning a modern day way to do the Ancient Art of Japanese Marbling. They are layering about an inch of shaving cream into a tin cake dish. Then using brushes to paint designs onto the shaving cream. They are using watered down tempra paint in primary colors to create their designs. When their design is the way they like it, they press their paper into the the shaving cream, lift, and scrap excess shaving cream off. The paper has lifted the  design from the shaving cream and now they have a beautiful piece of marbled paper. As a class we discuss how the primary colors mix to make the secondary colors and tertiary colors on their paper. Not one sheet looks alike, every sheet has its own unique design.

Below is Art 6 having Marbling Fun!

Art 6 Messy Marbling

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