Thursday, February 9, 2012

Art 7- Ceramic Pottery

Art 7 took notes on ceramic pottery and ceramic terms.
  1. Applique- the application of a clay shape or form scored to the surface.
  2. Bisque- unglazed clay, fired as a low temperature. 
  3. Coil Construction- Ropes of clay scored and stacked to form a wall. This is the most common hand-building method.
  4. Glaze- A glassy coating that has been melted onto a ceramic surface.
  5. Greenware- unfired pottery that is bone-dry, a state in which your pottery is the most fragile.
  6. Sgraffito- Caving a design on the body of the clay with a tool. (texture/patterns)
  7. Scored- Using a sharp tool to scratch the clay before it is attached to another piece of clay. Making XXX's and //////'s.
Students discussed various types of ceramic pottery, such as African-American ceramic Vases, Mexican-Indian Handmade pottery, etc...

Students learned how to extrude clay and clay slabs. Below are students working on their pieces...

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