Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art 6- Form Galaxy

Students took notes on Shape and Form.

Shape is created when a line becomes connected and encloses space. It is the outline or outward appearance of something. Shapes are 2 Dimensional (2-D) which means there are 2 ways they can be measured. You can measure its HEIGHT and its WIDTH.

A Form is a shape that has become 3- Dimensional (3-D) Form has HEIGHT, WIDTH and DEPTH--which is the 3rd dimension. Depth shows the thickness of the object. Forms are NOT flat like shapes are!

I walked them through a demonstration on how to draw various forms. Then we talked about what a light source is and what value is...

Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. Value makes objects appear more real because it imitates natural light. When showing value in a work of art, you will need a LIGHT SOURCE.

A light source is the place where the light is coming from, the darkest areas are always on the opposite side of the light.

After my demonstration the students had to come up with two different sketches in their notebooks of a form galaxy. Their galaxy must have  a sky and ground, various forms, a light source, and they must show value in the shading of their forms. 

Below are pictures of students working on their Form Galaxies.

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