Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art 8- Hatching Project Complete

The 8th grade students have completed their hatching projects inspired by Giorgio Morandi, one of the greatest 20th-century masters of still-life and landscape painting. Students drew looking at a still-life. Students had to duplicate a smaller section of their drawing onto a smaller sheet of drawing paper. Students will completed a 9×12 final still-life using red hatching ink and a 4×6 section of the final using black hatching ink. 

Students will begin working on the Southern Teachers Agency 3rd Annual Student Art Contest. STA is looking for original two-dimensional artwork representing their school in any media from students in grades 8-12. STA will select twelve pictures for publication in the art calendar and on their web site. The calendar will be sent to hundreds of private & independent schools around the south, making this a wonderful opportunity to showcase students’ artistic talents.

The twelve winning student artists will receive five copies of the calendar and $50 in gift certificates for art supplies.
Students will take notes today on perspective and we will review value.
Pictures below are a few completed hatching projects. :-)

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