Monday, September 26, 2011

Photography I- Learning to Develop

Photography I students are learning to develop film. First students practiced reeling exposed film onto a film reel, then they practiced inside of a dark bag and putting it into a light tight tank. After two days of practicing they were assigned their first assignment using a camera.

Assignment #1:
 To find and shoot patterns. Any series of lines creates a pattern.
 They are to look above their head, down at the ground, as well as straight ahead. They are to try to find subjects that are primarily patterns, not just ones that have some pattern in them. They are to have the pattern fill the frame of the photograph. They are to try to have nothing in the photograph except pattern.

They are also to consider some of the other qualities of line as well, such as direction or structure. See if they can add them into a photograph without losing sight of their primary goal. Using these other qualities to strengthen the pattern, not to detract from it. For example, they may use perspective so their pattern recedes into the distance, suggesting direction. Or finding a series of smaller patterns contained in a large one, creating structure.

Students are to use the Sunny 16 Rule right now until they get use to changing their aperture and shutter speed accordingly.

Below are pictures of students practicing reeling film and using dark bags. Also, shown below are Photography I students first roll of film developed successfully from their first assignment.

Successfully developed film from their first assignment on Pattern

All smiles as they practice reeling film with dark bags

All smiles as they practice reeling film with dark bags

Practicing reeling exposed film onto a film reel.

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