Monday, October 17, 2011

Art 6- Value Study

Art 6 is working on an exercise to help increase the understanding of using value with in an artwork. This will help when we begin our lesson on color and color schemes. Students were to create 4 simple fish drawings in a rectangle the size of a dollar in their notebook. Having my students think of what shattered glass might look like or wavy lines of water, they had to divide their 4 drawings differently. These new lines would overlap the line drawing of their fish. This will alter their initial line drawing by making the shapes more visually complicated. The effect is to create many more shapes, like a puzzle. Then the students are to experiment with gradations of value from rich black to the lightest gray the pencil will go. Students are to pay careful attention to each new shape created in the divided image, the element of value is studied.

Below are pictures of students working on their value studies in their notebooks.

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