Monday, October 17, 2011

Art 7- Shattered Images

Art 7 on a Shattered Image project. Students took notes on Cubism and looked at and discussed works by Pablo Picasso. Students were encouraged to focus on a single item such as a car, insect, person, animal, or building. Students should have placed their object so as to create a compositionally strong image. Students had to create 2 practice 4.5 x 6 contour drawing in their notebook. Having my students think of what shattered glass might look like or wavy lines of water, they had to divide their 2 drawings differently. These new lines would overlap the line drawing of their subject. This will alter their initial line drawing by making the shapes more visually complicated. The effect is to create many more shapes, like a puzzle. Then the students are to experiment with gradations of value from rich black to the lightest gray the pencil will go. Students are to pay careful attention to each new shape created in the divided image. Students will pick one to create on an 18 x 24 sheet of drawing paper for their final.

Below are pictures of students taking notes and working on their final:

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