Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Art 7 & Art 8- Alabama National Fair Winners

I am so excited to announce the Middle School Alabama National Fair Winners! So Proud!

By Class:
Water Color Painting
3rd place- Gabby Pohlman- 8th grade

Honorable Mention- Carly Mattox- 8th grade

Color Drawing
Honorable Mention- Rylee Holt- 8th grade

1st place- Erika Aho- 8th Grade

1st place- Taylor Meadows- 8th grade
2nd place- Emily Kent- 7th grade
3rd place- Harrison Carter- 7th grade
Honorable Mention- Sarah Claire Loeb- 7th grade

Mixed Media
1st place- Emily Kent- 7th grade

From left to right: Sarah Claire Loeb, Harrison Carter, Emily Kent 

Top Row left to right: Erika Aho, Taylor Meadows, Carly Mattox
Bottom Row left to right: Gabby Pohlman and Rylee Holt  

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